Terms of use

01 : General 

The DrKaraoke.com Website, the address of which is https://www.drkaraoke.com (hereinafter the "Website/app") is a publication created, developed and operated by DrKaraoke - USA

The DrKaraoke.com Website offers its visitors or members the discovery and temporary access to a database of musical arrangements and videos incorporating song lyrics, as well as downloading of software. This software is as of now free service.'').

These general conditions of use and sale are intended to define the contractual and commercial relationship between DrKaraoke.com on the one hand, and any subscriber who sign up this platform (hereinafter "free Subscriber"), on the other.

The access to the Service shall be strictly subject without limitation to prior qualification to these terms and conditions of use and sale. These general conditions shall be without prejudice to the legal provisions in this area including those contained in the Consumer Code.


02 : Description of the Service

The Free service provided and operated by Dr.Karaoke allowing a free subscriber by subscribing to the present terms, from his personal computer and / or from his iPhone to listen to and view music as a DrKaraoke.com Video free from ads.

From the DrKaraoke.com, and once he has subscribed, the free Subscriber has access to all features of the Service .

We give you unlimited access free at this moment.

The content in the form of DrKaraoke.com can be listened to and read throughout the duration of the free service (as of now complete free), but cannot be downloaded, transferred or copied on any medium whatsoever.

DrKaraoke.com free cover the rights to sound recording (what you hear) in combination with the synchronized lyrics, as well as the copyrights of the reproduced works.

However, for DrKaraoke.com offers, you will use this service as a free as per the respective government law and regulations.

For DrKaraoke.com, if you choose to use the ''extended'' catalog, copyright management for this catalog section is done directly with the rights holders and we cannot guarantee this in your name.

Unless expressly authorized, DrKaraoke.com offers may not be resold or included in any other commercial form.


03. DrKaraoke.com Free

DrKaraoke.com Free is a free service for companies or individuals (Disc Jockeys, shops, theaters, etc.) with occasional Karaoke upload activity.

The free week pass and the free signup access allow the use of a single device for reading DrKaraoke.com content.


04. Terms of Service

Access to the Dr Karaoke Service from a personal computer is possible via the Website & App only. 

Use of the Service requires a broadband connection to Internet. It is specified that DrKaraoke does not support these Connections; it is therefore up to the free Subscriber to priory subscribe to a broadband Internet offer to use the Dr.Karaoke. The catalog of sound recordings available within the free Service is dependent on existing contracts with copyright holders and is therefore likely to change.

In no case can DrKaraoke.com guarantee the presence of any specific title or album in the catalog available from the Service.

Likewise, DrKaraoke.com cannot guarantee that any title or certain album in the catalog available of Service will be infinite.

DrKaraoke.com will in no way be responsible for the removal or disabling of elements of the proposed contents of the catalog.

As a free service subscriber, you can activate the free Service on a personal computer (PC or Mac) or mobile registered from the Service. The free service  is only accessible / permitted from a single connection at a time. It is specified that DrKaraoke.com is implementing technical means to check for multiple simultaneous connections to a single account of the Service and to detect attempts to multiple connections.


05. Access and amendment of the Service

The service is available twenty-four hours, seven days a week, within the limits of the conditions above and the provisions of Article 10 below.

However, DrKaraoke.com reserves the right to make changes and improvements of its choice to the Service related to technical developments.

DrKaraoke.com reserves the right to change the type of free service. DrKaraoke.com shall inform each subscriber via email to the address indicated by the Subscriber upon registering for the Service (or to the email changed by the aforementioned upon the request of the free Subscriber) of any rate increase at least 15 (fifteen) days prior to taking effect. In the case where the Subscriber does not accept this service change, he/she may terminate service from his/her account via the Site and the termination will take effect at the next monthly according to the term. Should the free Subscriber fail to terminate the service, the new changes will therefore take effect starting at the next date following the effective date of the new service change.

Any increase in the VAT (Value Added Tax) or govt rule, will automatically and immediately be reflected amedments of the free Service. The same shall apply in the case where any new tax would be based on the free Service and in which DrKaraoke.com becomes indebted. The termination conditions provided in case of change in the type of any user service, and as outlined above, will apply under the same conditions in case of any service change resulting from an increase or from the establishment of new taxes.

Moreover, DrKaraoke.com reserves the right, without notice or compensation, to suspend temporary access to the free Service for which may be necessary to ensure maintenance operations related to technological change, or necessary to the continuity of the free Service.

The free Subscriber relieves DrKaraoke.com from all liability in this respect and waives all claims and / or proceeding against it as such. Temporary interruptions of the service will wherever possible, be reported via the website at least 24 (twenty-four) hours before they intervene except where such interruptions have a matter of urgency. DrKaraoke.com reserves the right, without compensation, to shut down the Service. Any closure of the Service shall be notified via the website at least 1 (one) month before it come into effect. 


06. Duration

DrKaraoke.com offers the choice to the use free service to free Subscriber, for a period of one month or for a period of 48 hours (Forty-eight hours). It is also possible that free offers or discovery of the free Service of varying duration is offered on the Website/App, temporarily or not. Unless otherwise notified, these free service or discovery will be subject to these terms of use and sale and will be limited to one entry (Same IP address (Internet Protocol) and / or even email address) regardless of the free service or discovery.


07. Free Service - Renew

Unless terminated by the Subscriber under the terms of Article 5, the monthly free Service  is automatically renewed for a period identical to that originally subscribed date. In case of free automatic renewal, the service then in effect for the free service will be fully applicable to the free Subscriber.

Unless otherwise indicated on the Site and unless terminated by the free Subscriber under the terms of Article 5, any free service discovery of  is transformed into a monthly free service as stated in the specific offer or, alternatively, the tariff for monthly free service in future later. It is completely free and user can subscribe free account / free Service any time.


08.  Termination

To unsubscribe, the free Subscriber must request this from their account on the website by sending us email with subject "cancel my free service". Termination will become effective at the end of the current free service period if notification has been sent at least 48 (forty-eight) hours before its term and until the date and time as specified to the Subscriber, for a free or discovery unless specified otherwise on the website.

In case of non-compliance with the terms above, the free service is completely renewed.

Termination does not allow any refund of the free service to the Service . 


09. Conditions for access to the Service

The Subscriber declares his or her ability to accept the terms of use and sale, that he or she are of legal age and not subject to a decision of legal protection of Majors (put under protection of the court, under tutorship or curatorship) or, if the free Subscriber is minor, the holder of parental consent allowing he or she to subscribe. 


10. Free Service  – Opening of account

To subscribe to the free Service, a person must: 

Create an account on the website or, if the user is already registered, log in to the website. Inform the different fields of the free service form on the website/app. Confirm acceptance of the terms of sale and use of free Service .Confirm registration by accepting free service to the Dr.Karaoke.

Once registration is validated, Dr.Karaoke provides the free subscriber (at the address provided by the latter when registering on the site) with a confirmation email.

Subject to other provisions of these general conditions of sale and use of the freeService , the free Service  is effective only when Dr.Karaoke sends and email confirmation referred to in above paragraph. Dr.Karaoke recommends the free Subscriber to to keep this email and / or print it.

The free Subscriber can change the sent password, to his account on the website by clicking on the "Change my personal details." menu.

The free Subscriber agrees to provide true and sincere information related to his identity. The free service Subscriber undertakes to inform Dr.Karaoke immediately of any change of information when  free service and particularly any change of mailing address. The free service user may change this information from his account on the Site by clicking on the "Change my personal details." menu.

The free service user / subscriber shall immediately notify Dr.Karaoke for any change or unauthorized use of his account, his username and password.

Passwords and IDs are personal and the free service Subscriber agrees not to disclose them. As such, the free Subscriber is solely responsible for their use.

The free Subscriber is solely responsible for the use of his account, until it is deactivated and consequently, the free Subscriber relieves the Dr.Karaoke and its partners, contractors or rights holders of any responsibility in this regard, unless the Subscriber can demonstrate that the use of its usernames and / or their account results from a fraud by a third party.


11. No Price / Free to use

The free service is indicated on the Site is free at this moment. Dr.Karaoke reserves the right to change the free service form in accordance with the terms and conditions set out in article 5 above.

It is reminded that the connection and communication costs (Internet) related to the use of the Paying Service are not supported by Dr.Karaoke and remain the responsibility of the free Subscriber.


12. Liability

The free Subscriber / service user declares to be informed of the constraints and limitations of Internet networks. Consequently, DrKaraoke.com will not be held responsible for failures in accessing the Service , speeds of opening and consultation of service pages, speed of listening of sound recordings, temporary or permanent inaccessibility to the Service , the fraudulent use by others of information available on the website. Accordingly, it is the free Subscriber's responsibility to protect their computer equipment or other especially against any form of intrusion and / or contamination by viruses, and DrKaraoke.com will in no case be held responsible for such failure. DrKaraoke.com cannot be held responsible for any malfunction or damage to the equipment of the Subscriber. More generally, DrKaraoke.com disclaims any liability if a breach of any obligation was actually a case of force majeure or fortuitous, including but not limited to, disasters, fires, strikes internal or external failures or breakdowns internal or external, and generally all irresistible and unpredictable event that does not allow fulfilment of controls. In no case, DrKaraoke.com can be held liable in the event that the proposed service be incompatible with certain equipment and / or hardware features of the Subscriber. Finally, the Subscriber is solely responsible for their use of the Service  and can not stand DrKaraoke.com responsible for any claims and / or proceeding against them as such. The Subscriber undertakes to do their personal business of any complaint, claim or objection and more generally of any proceedings brought against DrKaraoke.com from a third party which is linked to their use of the Service .


13. Personal Data

DrKaraoke.com undertakes to respect the legislation on the protection of privacy with regard to automatic processing of personal data.

Information and data regarding each free Subscriber are subject to computer processing and are binding as necessary to manage their free service. They may for this purpose be forwarded to the companies responsible for the management, execution and processing of payment transactions This information and data is also stored for security, to respect the legal and regulatory obligations to which Dr.Karaoke is subject. This data is processed and stored at the host site identified in the legal notices contained on the Site under conditions designed to ensure their safety.

With the free Subscriber's consent, collected data may also be used as part of our trade relations to compile statistics and also allow DrKaraoke.com to improve and customize the services it offers and the information it receives.

According to the law "Informatique et Libertés" n ° 78-17 of January 6, 1978 the free Subscriber has a right to access and correct information. If he or she wishes to exercise this right and obtain information, then the free Subscriber is invited to contact DrKaraoke.com through the website by clicking on the "Contact Us") or write to DrKaraoke.com.

If your consent has been given (e.g. in connection with the creation of your account during registration for the Service ), you will likely receive the DrKaraoke.com newsletter (Newsletter) to your email address as recorded and, if necessary, modified by yourself. If you no longer wish to receive this newsletter, you may unsubscribe at any time by clicking the link at the bottom of each newsletter or by changing your data from your account on the website by clicking on the "My Information" (to access this section, click here).

If the Subscriber has consented (e.g. in connection with the creation of their account to register to the Service ), the free Subscriber will likely receive offers from DrKaraoke.com partners to their recorded email address or, where necessary, modified by he or she, and their details may be transferred to business partners.

The free Subscriber is informed that data concerning he or she may be disclosed under any law, regulation or pursuant to a decision of a competent judicial or regulatory authority or, if necessary for Dr.Karaoke in the context of judicial proceedings.

14. "Cookies"

DrKaraoke.com wants to place a cookie on your computer. A cookie does not identify you personally. On the other hand, it records information relating to the navigation of your computer on the Site (the pages that you have consulted, the date and time of the consultation, etc.) that DrKaraoke.com will be able to read during your subsequent visits. This will allow DrKaraoke.com to facilitate your navigation on the site and will avoid having to provide, at each new visit, information already communicated at an earlier date.

DrKaraoke.com informs you that the setting of your browser allows you to inform of the presence of "cookies" and you can oppose the registration of "cookies". This procedure is specified on the "Privacy policy" section of the Site

DrKaraoke.com undertakes not to store Users' Data beyond the period strictly necessary for the purposes pursued and in accordance with applicable regulations.

DrKaraoke.com undertakes to archive, anonymize and delete the Data as soon as the purpose or the retention period expires. The maximum retention periods apply unless a request to cancel or terminate the processing takes place before the expiry of these periods (in accordance with the rights described in Article 12.10 below). However, at the end of these periods, the Data may be archived in order to meet our legal, accounting and tax obligations.

15. Intellectual Property

The general structure of the website/app, the Service  and all component elements (such as including logos, domain names, phonographic or videographic and related items including photographs, images, texts and, or any other person entitled to the sound recordings or videographic and the visual packaging of these records) are the exclusive property of DrKaraoke and, or its licensors (including music producers, labels, collective management of copyright such as SACEM,etc..). These elements are protected by laws and other intellectual property, including copyright. You can use these elements in the context of the use of the Service , in accordance with these terms of use. Any total or partial reproduction of the website, the Service  and, or elements (as described above) by any means whatsoever without the express permission of DrKaraoke is therefore prohibited and constitutes an infringement punishable by articles L.335-2 of the Code of Intellectual Property. Any hypertext link to the website and using the technique of "framing" (Technical programming with the ability to split a browser window into multiple autonomous frames in order to display the content of external sites) or "in-line linking" process (to appear on a web page to extract just one element to another site, which saves storage space on the hard disk of the machine that hosts the site, which has the effect to conceal from an unsuspecting user's original environment to which this element belongs) is strictly prohibited. Phonograph records of the Service  are protected digital files with national and international copyright and neighboring rights Copyright. For this reason and in accordance with the Code of Intellectual Property, only the usage implied by the free service chosen by the Subscriber is allowed. Any use for any purpose other than private exposes the Subscriber to civil lawsuits and, or criminal prosecution. Any other use of these digital files is strictly prohibited and in particular any attempt to download or transfer or attempts to transfer permanently or temporarily on the hard disk of a computer or other device (including iPods and other portable digital audio players), engraving or attempting to burn on CD or other media is specifically prohibited (excluding professional plans). Any sale, exchange or lease of these digital files is also strictly prohibited. The Subscriber acknowledges that the sound recordings made available for listening in the form of digital files in the Service  is protected by technological protection measures implemented by Dr.Karaoke to prevent or limit within existing technical constraints in the material and technology available, uses of these recordings not covered by these Terms of Use and sale. The Subscriber agrees not to use any technical measure which would allow circumvention of technological protection measures in order to proceed to the download of these files and enable digital preservation in the storage unit's receiving terminal whatever (PC, mobile phone, digital music and other digital audio players laptops, etc.). The service user / subscriber represents that to knowingly bring harm to a technical measure of protection, under the provisions of Article L. 335-4-1 of the Code of Property Intellectual exposes he or she to pay a fine of 3,750 USD and that the procuring or offering, knowingly hire, directly or indirectly, means designed or specially adapted to impair a technological measure of protection for its part is being punished of six months imprisonment and a 30,000 USD fine.

16. Fraud

Any fraud or attempted fraud, demonstrated by commencement of execution, and committed in particular to use of the content offered here within, will be prosecuted under the provisions of Articles 313-1 and following the Penal Code.

Any infringement of the automated data processing system or of the DrKaraoke.com will be prosecuted in accordance with Articles 323-1 to 323-7 of the Penal Code. Any forgery and use will be prosecuted under the provisions of Articles 441-1 to 441-12 of the Penal Code.

Any operation, whose purpose or effect is to infringe upon confidentiality of client data-exchanges and with privacy-related data of users will be prosecuted according to civil and criminal provisions.

In case of non-compliance or suspected non-compliance with the free service terms of DrKaraoke.com or for any violations, attempted or suspected infringement from a user likely to pursue criminal proceedings, the company DrKaraoke may temporarily or permanently suspend access to the user's account.

In the case of proven manipulation of the DrKaraoke.com system app or other actions that may seriously undermine its operations, the company may, at its sole discretion and without notice, immediately disable the account of the person concerned. It is expressly stated that the application by the company of any of the measures mentioned above will not open right to any compensation that may arise for the benefit of the person concerned.

17. Suspension and / or early termination at the initiative of DrKaraoke or the free service user / Subscriber

Without prejudice to any damages that DrKaraoke.com may seek, DrKaraoke reserves the right to suspend access by a subscriber to the Service  and / or termination, without notice or compensation, of the free service if failure by the Customer of these terms of use and sale, and including no respect for intellectual property rights of DrKaraoke.com and / or its licensors, circumvention or attempted circumvention of technological protection measures implemented by DrKaraoke, Multiple simultaneous connections from a single account to the Service  or attempts to multiple simultaneous connections, provision of false information when registering to the Service  - its free Service; any actions contrary to business interests of Dr.Karaoke. For his part, the Subscriber may terminate, without notice or compensation to the benefit of DrKaraoke.com his free service  in case of breach of its main obligations by DrKaraoke.com as defined in these terms and conditions or in case of legitimate reasons, such as in particular (such as theft of computer, technical incompatibility of the Service  with the Subscriber's equipment ).

18. Amendments to Terms of Use and Sale

DrKaraoke.com reserves the right to modify at its own discretion the present Terms and Conditions of use and sale. DrKaraoke.com shall inform each free service Subscriber by email at the address provided on his account of any changes to these terms and conditions use and sale at least 15 (fifteen) days before they take effect. In the event the Subscriber does not accept these amendments, he will be free to unsubscribe from his account to the DrKaraoke.com as described in section 5 above. Such termination shall takes effect the next due monthly free service. In the absence of termination, the new Terms use and sale will therefore apply from the next free service following the effective date of the new terms of use and sale.

18. Customer Service

For any information or questions about the Service, please contact Dr.Karaoke through the website by clicking on the "Contact Us" section or send us a letter to the following address: admin@drkaraoke.com

19. Nullity of a clause

In the event that any provision of the Terms of Use and Sale be declared invalid or unenforceable for any reason whatsoever, other provisions shall continue to apply.

20. Applicable law and dispute

The general conditions of use and sale are subject to USA law. In case of dispute, the parties will seek an amicable solution before starting any legal action. If failure of these attempts, all challenges to the validity, interpretation and / or execution of general conditions of the present terms of use and sale will be made even in cases of multiple defendants or guarantee call, in front of the USA courts of jurisdiction.